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Please read the Help Desk guidelines before you submit your website.

Fast Track Instructions:

Find the topic where you want your website listed. Click the 'Add URL Click Here' button located at the top right side of that topic across from the search button. Clicking that link will take you to the add url form for that topic. Please read over our submission guidelines before submitting your website. The help section offers a lot of information on submitting a website to the directory and what is allowed.

To read the Help Section: click here.

All submissions require a one time review fee of $39.99. This money is used to promote the directory and to cover our daily operations cost. Buy promoting the directory we promote all listings in the directory. This alone makes a listing very valuable. Five years from now we will still be using submission funds to promote the directory so your one time review fee is a very good long term investment that could bring you traffic for years to come. We will not remove your listing from the directory unless the url pulls a 404 page or fails to meet continued inclusion guidelines.

Facts about DataSpear: is owned and operated by North America Internet Services Inc (NAIS). NAIS is in a long term five year agreement with GoGuides, Inc. a well trusted and very popular directory found at is hosted off the GoGuides Network and GoGuides staff is also involved in the daily operations of this directory. Because of our partnership with GoGuides, Inc. we are guaranteed to be around supplying search and information to the public for years to come. Be advised that a listing in DataSpear will not gain you a listing in GoGuides or vise-versa. You must submit to each directory accordingly. 

More Detailed Instructions:

Note: Every website submitted to this directory is reviewed by staff to ensure the quality of the site being submitted meets our submission guidelines. Because we review every submission before posting the site live in the directory we are considered a trusted source for finding spam free content by the major search engines.

DataSpear has a unique database. Our search results are not powered by any outside search engines are directories. To get a listing in DataSpear you must submit your website and pay and pay the express review fee.

Hint: You should open a second window or print this page to use for reference while you are submitting your site.

Hint: The Help Section guidelines contain tips on writing a site description, as well as information on sites which are not allowed in the directory.

If you have a site which would be an asset to our directory, and you would like to submit it for consideration, your first step is figuring out the most appropriate topic for the site.

Look at the list of major topics in the DataSpear directory. Click on the appropriate topic for your site, then find the most specific subtopic available for your site. Go as deeply into the subtopics as is necessary.

When you have found the subtopic where your web site (URL) should be located, click the 'Add URL Click Here' link located at the top right side of that topic across from the search button. 

Fill out the submission form.

Double check your submission.

  • Make sure the URL is accurate and that your spelling is correct.
  • Be sure that the title is precise with no extra jargon included.
  • Description should accurately describe your web site without any sales hype.
  • Click Submit and follow the remaining payment instructions.

Staff has to review all suggested submissions. For our review service and storage of your website you will be charged a small one time review fee of $39.99. This allows us to continue our service to the public while allowing you a single submission point for having your web site found by the search engines. adheres to a very strict privacy policy to protect our users. (Privacy Policy)

Please note that your listing will not show in the search results immediately! Your submission must be reviewed and approved. Please do not try to resubmit.

If you have a site that doesn't seem to fit into one of our topics then send us a request to create a new subtopic. Send your email to STAFF with the name of the topic where you think the new subtopic should be added. Staff will look into creating that topic for you.

Please email Staff

  • If you still have questions
  • You want to suggest a new category

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