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Alexandria's literature offers departments, catalogs, ebookstores, and book recommendations.
Great literature online, including an electronic library of books.
A tailored list of childrens literature based on your criteria such as ethnicity and gender.
The presenter of the National Book Awards offers information on programs, awards, speeches, publications, and funding.
Ulitmate source of information on the Nobel Prize. Includes Nobel Prizes, nominations and ceremonies.
Peta literature catalog is full of materials that can help you help animals. Features include animal testing, animals used for clothing, and animals used for entertainment.
Review of Biblical Literature is an organization founded in 1880 to support the study of the Bible, this site offers, information on religion, history, literature.
American Comparative Literature Association founded in 1960, this site offers information on annual meetings, registration and prizes.
An exclusive online library of literature including an index of authors and over 28,000 ebooks.
A variety of records and reviews of children's books online including acquisitions, researches and services.
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