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Dedicated to providing informational resources on special needs children and their education.
An organization that focuses on assistive technology for children and adults with special needs through its bi-monthly newspaper.
Assistance on programs for children with disabilities.
Dedicated to the education of special needs children.
National membership organization dedicated to special education teachers. Also, offers extensive resources for special education professionals and parents on transition planning.
Committed to a standards based education system and to the needs of all children especially those with disabilities.
Valuable information on law and legal issues. Also features topics like, Education Act for Individuals with Disabilities, and the No Child Left Behind Act.
Excellent source for children with special needsin Connecticut, at risk learners, and diverse learners.
Attorneys and school personnel advocating for children with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and behavior disorders.
Valuable source for over 2100 Special Education jobs and extensive Special Education Resources.
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